Welding auxiliary equipment

Improve welding accuracy and ensure quality.So as to achieve a higher level of welding technology and better market competitiveness.

Established in 1999 and with a registered capital of $ 1.4 million, Wuxi ABK Machinery Co., Ltd a leading professional manufacturer of welding equipment, CNC cutting machines and tank jacking system in China, we mainly provide our customers with wind tower production line, H beam welding line, various welding equipment, pipe welding equipment, CNC cutting machine, tank jacking system and portable waterjet cutting machines. 

And our products can be widely used in various fields, such as pressure vessel production, tank, petrol, chemistry, power, irrigation, traffic, ship building, aviation, heavy machinery, construction, and so on.

All of our products are characterized by high quality, reliable performance, easy operation, high efficiency, and convenient maintenance. So they have been increasingly popular in Spain, India, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Singapore, Italy, France, Vietnam, and many other countries.

All of our machines have been in strict accordance with the relevant European standards. And our company has obtained ISO certification and all of our products have got CE certification, our company also have SGS certification. Every year our products will be exhibited at home and abroad so that we can learn more from others to improve our products from various aspects.  We can manufacture as many as 1000 sets of welding equipment and 200 sets of cutting devices every year. And our products are quite popular among clients from various different countries such as Spain, India, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Italy, France, Vietnam, and more.

Every machine from our factory has unique ID

1). Quality assurance system

Company organizes the production as per ISO9001:2008 standard. From design control, process control, inspection control to delivery, installed and service, the whole process control. The running of quality system performs quality manual, procedure files, work instruction and related technical and management standard together with standard and regulation layout by company strictly. Quality system realizes whole screw and whole procedure control completely.

2). Quality assurance procedure for important out-source parts.

a. Mainly out-sourced parts: Gear box, motor, pump etc.

b. After evaluation, select qualified suppliers as business partners.

c. Purchasing according to plan, purchase contract, quality requirement, technical standard and inspection standard.

d. Receiving inspection on site either in supplier or our company with related technicians.

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