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This welding positioner, also called welding positioning equipment, is mainly used for some special structures, construction machines, small round worpieces, and more. And it mainly consists of a working table, turning device, overturning device, electricity-conducting device, stander and electric cabinet. Its working table is driven by the turning device with 6 T-style slots to ensure workpieces strictly fixed on the working table.
Its turning device is mainly composed of a motor, a speed reducer, and a swing set. And its overturning device mainly consists of an electric motor, cycloidal gear speed reducer, worm wheel speed reducer, and semicircular gear.
We can design and produce welding positioners in accordance with the specific requirements of our clients.

1. Our welding positioner has employed frequency conversion speed regulation system to change its running speed.
2. The stepless speed regulation is adopted to make this positioner easy to control and cheap to maintenance.
3. Semicircular gears are equipped on both ends of the output shaft of the overturn device.
4. One end of the electricity-conducting device is connected with the swing set, and the other end has an electricity-conducting shaft. The electricity-conducting shaft is linked with the working table so that the welding current can be directly transmitted through the working table.
5. The box-shaped stander possesses high loading capacity. And it is made up of Q235-A steel which has undergone annealing and finish machining treatment, thus successfully avoiding the welding stress deformation.

Technical Parameters of HBJ Series Welding Positioner:

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