Shot Blasting Machine

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This shot-blasting machine using rolling path can continuously operate. It is a kind of automatic ball blasting device. This machine is mainly used in clearing the rust oxidized shin of H-beam, steel plate, steel pipeline. And it can smooth the beam surface and makes the steel easy to paint.
Our sand blasting machine can transports the work piece by trolley in double way, which makes the machine in the high efficiency. In addition, the sand blasting machine uses chromic steel plate that can protects the machine and can extent the using time.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model HP0816 HP1018 HP1220
Dimension of Work-piece to be Cleaned Allowable passing section (width×heigth) 800×1600mm 1000×1800mm 1200×2000mm
Length of workpiece 16000mm 16000mm 16000mm
Quality Standard Clearness of surface A-B Sa2-Sa2.5
Roughness of surface 15-20um
Production Efficiency(Travel Speed of Workpiece 0.4-2.5m/min 0.4-2.5m/min 0.4-2.5m/min
Abrator Model Q034 Q034 Q034
Quantify 8 8 8
Abrator Capacity 8×250kg/min 8×250kg/min 8×250kg/min
Power 8×11kw 8×11kw 8×15kw
Circulation Capacity of Material for Abrator 100t/h 110t/h 120t/h
Roller Path for Import/Output Allowable Load 1000kg/m 1000kg/m 1000/kg/m
Conveying Speed 0.4-4m/min 0.4-4m/min 0.4-4m/min
Initiate Adding Quantity of Material for Abrator 5000kg 6000kg 8000kg
Anti-dust System Treated Wind Volume 16000m³/h 16000m³/h 16000m³/h
Power 15kw 15kw 22kw
Total Power About140kw About140kw 172kw

By absorbing merits of similar shot blasting machine and using new technology from abroad and China domestic, Wuxi ABK is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the family shot blasting machine products including box beam production line, T-beam welding production line, bridge-face U-stiffer welding production line, and steel structure cold roll forming production line as well as CNC waterjet cutting machine. With years development, ABK shot blasting machine have been spread over Saudi Arabia, Russia, Middle Asian, Southeast Asian, Australia, Europe, South American, North American, etc. Look forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.